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Hobdari Family Health Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical care and advice to our patients. We believe in helping our patients in whatever way possible and we undertake the best measures in order to ensure that a patient is given the necessary medical treatment that they seek. Hobdari Family Health Clinic provides patients with a professional, stress-free and pleasant atmosphere for them to feel at ease and be open about their troubles.

Hobdari Health is different from other primary healthcare service providers as we have some of the best staff members who are caring, professional and responsive to the patient needs. Undergoing a medical procedure can be time-consuming and also scary for the patients. This is why we offer same day and next day appointments for all of our medical procedures performed. We offer some of the best general service treatments and procedures available.

While the natural procedure of menopause begins sometime around the age of 45, there are also cases of induced menopause, which occurs if the ovaries are removed surgically or they are damaged due to the radiation therapy. Women can then face some or all of the symptoms that are experienced during the menopause stage.


At Hobdari Family Health Clinic, we give the greatest importance on providing the best quality staff members for all patients. Our team comprises of some of the best medical service providers, who are experienced and professional in their approach towards each patient that comes to us for service. There are significant lifestyle challenges that impact each patient’s condition individually. We believe in thoroughly getting to know each individual patient in order to provide them with the right treatment.

Dr. Lindita Hobdari who started the medical practice in Naples in 2012, believes in compassionate care for patients. She outlined that in order to be effective in providing primary healthcare, prevention and the art of alternative medicine make up the major components of good health. We, at Hobdari Family Health give utmost importance on this principle, which was first summarized by the “Father of Medicine”, the Greek Hippocrates.

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